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Our service is bespoke and handled by Anne Graham who has more than twenty years of proven experience in advising and concluding property transactions ……

Anne Graham – Director

Anne has more than 20 years of experience in the property industry. After qualifying and attaining her property association diplomas in SA (MIEA and IEASA), Anne founded and personally managed her own Real Estate Agency in Johannesburg, SA and was instrumental in introducing a prominent UK Commercial Brokerage to South Africa. This achievement and on going work involved representing many foreign and UK Companies investing in South Africa and visa versa.

Anne moved to Cape Town as MD for Savills Residential until the Pam Golding Property Company formed an association with Savills UK. Pam Golding Properties are the largest Real Estate Company in the Southern Hemisphere and Anne was appointed Director of Business Development for Pam Golding Properties and worked for the Company for many years. During this time, Anne worked very closely with Mrs Pam Golding (Chairman and Life President) and together they founded the Pam Golding Signature Collection which has now evolved into the Private Office.

Anne’s experience as Business Director to the Pam Golding Property Group involved working with numerous international clients, properties and professionals. Anne then relocated to London and continued working for the Company in the same capacity. This experience gave Anne the opportunity to establish herself in the UK and build a sound knowledge of the London property market as well as learning and understanding the residential areas of London.

More importantly, Anne understands the complexities of property transactions that are vital to clients purchasing property in London. Comparative analysis of the sale prices in the various areas enables Anne to achieve the most appropriate and fair sale price by careful negotiation with Vendors. To date, G & G clients have definitely benefitted by Anne’s expertise and negotiation skills. The personal service G & G offers extends beyond the Exchange process and Anne will work alongside the Property Solicitor to continuously represent G & G clients until the Completion of the transaction.

Anne lives in Central London and has personally experienced the challenges of purchasing property in London as a foreigner. This experience motivated Anne to start G & G six years ago and since that time she has established a solid reputation in London. Anne also has been fortunate to build relationships with a myriad of contacts and professionals in London all of whom are willing to support G & G purchasers and investors in the UK.

Anne’s property knowledge and experience in the property market, coupled with her warmth and empathy has equipped Anne with the credibility and trust that is necessary to cosset clients. Many of these clients have dealt with Anne previously and they remember the ‘feel good factor’ of an experience with someone they trusted and with whom they could identify. This has resulted in word of mouth marketing as well as an extensive property network which is a most valuable asset to G & G.

Anne has an excellent support staff who assist her in the running and marketing of G & G.
Anne has recently built strong ties with the Hong Kong property market and is keen to promote Graham & Graham’s presence in Asia-Pacific which will be an extensive project for the growth and development of this successful, boutique, service-orientated Company.

These factors motivated her to establish G & G. Anne’s property knowledge and experience, coupled with her warmth and empathy has equipped her with the credibility and trust that is necessary to cosset clients. Many clients are people who Anne has dealt with previously and they remember the ‘feel good factor’ of an experience with someone they trusted and could identify with. This results in word of mouth marketing, and builds a property network which is a most valuable asset.